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Lintra Rodless Cylinders

A wide variety of Lintra Rodless Cylinders can be availed from us. Latest technology, high-end machinery and the best raw materials go into the making of Lintra Rodless Cylinders. The Lintra Rodless Cylinders are capable of adapting to harsh application environments owing to their ability of withstanding large bending moments and lateral pressure.

Features :

  • Internal, external and precision roller guided
  • Double acting
  • 16 to 80 mm
  • Well proven, long life sealing technology
  • Lightweight design extrusion with integral switch mounting slots
  • Capable of withstanding large bending moments and lateral forces
  • Non-lube operation


Max Pressure 0-12bar
Dimension 10mm to 80mm
Weight Upto 2 kg
Stroke Length 3mm
Height 72mm
Material Stainless Steel

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